Making your own moonshine can be a greatly rewarding experience, but knowing which equipment to use can be tricky. Whether you want to make moonshine for yourself or as a hobby with your friends, there are many different types of moonshine making kits for sale on the market today. Fortunately, we put together this website to help you find the right equipment for your needs!

You should know that making your own moonshine doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, all you need is a complete moonshine still kit. These moonshine making kits allow you to make your own moonshine in the comfort of your own home. They are also great for parties and gatherings.

After reading through our website you will know exactly where to buy moonshine still kits and which the best for your specific requirements. All countertop stills in this moonshine still review page have been picked because they are high-quality and will allow you to produce batches year after year.

Best Moonshine Still Kits in 2020

1. Clawhammer Supply 5 Gallon Cooper Moonshine Still

This home moonshine distiller combines modern innovation with classic design. Now, it can take a bit of time putting this moonshine kit together, so this may not be the best moonshine still kit for beginners. With that said, the company does provide free instructions via their website.

To build the complete moonshine still kit, it’ll take you around 6-8 hours. This will give you a large copper moonshine still that is able to hold 4.9 gallons (18.5 liters) of alcohol. What you really want to know is how much moonshine this still can make… Well, roughly one to two gallons (depending on many factors).

2. OLizee 8 Gallon Stainless Alcohol Distiller

Looking for a stainless steel moonshine still for sale? Here we have a large moonshine still that allows for 8 gallons (30.3 liters) of moonshine. It is crafted from a durable stainless steel, which makes it perfect for those who dislike copper.

It can be used to distill alcohol, water, wine and fruit. As well as its awesome performance, the still has an aesthetic design that looks great in your kitchen.

Impressively, the kit also comes with an independent airway, which promotes a faster distillation process and batches of very high purity. This still comes with a number of additional components, so we appreciative that it also comes with clear, detailed assembly instructions. All in all, this is a fantastic still that is great for those looking to jump into the world of distilling. Oh, and it comes with a full one-year warranty.

3. Seeutek 2 Gallon Copper Tube Stainless Steel Moonshine Still

The Seeutek’s moonshine still kit is a complete distilling set, which can be used to distill wine, alcohol, or water. In fact, it can even be used as an essential oil distiller!

The kit has a premium-quality build. Most components are made from stainless steel, while the cooling pipes are made from premium red copper. Although strong, this is a relatively lightweight moonshine still at just 6.5 lbs (3 kg). It measures at 9.8 x 7.1 x 9.8” (25 x 18 x 25 cm).

We love that this is a moonshine still with built-in dial thermometer that shows the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Users will also appreciate how the boiling pot is able to be heated with any type of heating source. With that said, this is best used as a stove moonshine still kit or used with induction cookers.

This is a highly-affordable moonshine still kit that represents great value. It’s a great moonshine starter kit for those on tighter budgets.     

4. WMN Trulystep 5 Gallon Ethanol Still

Here we have a 5 gallon (18.9 liters) moonshine still with innovative design. In fact, the attention to detail is something not seen in any other moonshine design on the market. It has an argon stainless steel build, which provides core strength and a solid foundation. Another impressive material is the premium-grade red copper that used for the cooling pipes.

If you want the easiest moonshine still kit to set-up, this is the one for you. In fact, you can set it up with no prior alcohol making knowledge, making it the best moonshine starter kit. Once you have a fully set-up moonshine still, you’ll see that it measures at 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8″ (30 x 30 x 30 cm), which weighs just slightly over 7 pounds (3.2 kg).

We love that this is a universal moonshine still that works with various difference heating sources.”

5. Alchemade 5 Gallon Copper Alembic Moonshine Still

Here we have an interesting-looking copper still kit. This still looks great wherever it is placed. In fact, this is a handcrafted moonshine still, which results in a product that is built to perfection. As well as looking the part, it has been sealed to perfection.

The 5 gallon (18.9 liters) moonshine still measures 25 x 30 x 13” (63.5 x 76.2 x 33 cm). It is heavier than the other personal moonshine stills in this review, but at 13 lbs (5.9 kg), it is still easy enough to move around.

As you may notice from the picture, this still has a built in thermometer in the center. To be honest, it looks more like a classic watch! This thermometer shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit, which avoids any confusion.

This is a multipurpose alcohol still. In fact, you can use the tabletop moonshine still for steam distillation, hydro distillation, as well as the typical alcohol distillation. This moonshine still is also great at hat conduction and reducing bacterial contamination.

Now, the high quality comes at a cost, as this is more of a premium product that the others in this guide. However, if this still is in your budget, there are no better options on the market.

About moonshine making

With a range of kits on the market, it has never been easier to make moonshine alcohol – Whether that’s as a weekend hobby or as a business endeavour. With that said, getting into moonshine making can be an intimidating process if you aren’t sure of the steps to take or the laws.

There is much to learn, but we hope our website we act as a useful moonshine making guide. Even though there are many factors to consider, the two most important aspects of making moonshine are distillation and fermentation.


You can’t make moonshine without the addition of water.  However, this water must be separated from the alcohol after the yeast has worked its magic. To do this, we must take advantage of the different boiling points between water and alcohol. Water boils at 212 °F (100 °C), whereas alcohol boils at 173 °F (78 °C). As you can see, alcohol reaches its boiling point a lot sooner than with water. The trick is to capture the alcoholic vapor to create a liquid alcohol.


Put simply, fermentation describes the metabolic process of when a carbohydrate turns into alcohol or acid. In fact, most foods we consume, such as cheese, have gone through this fermentation process. To brew alcohol we need fermentation, and to trigger fermentation we need sugar and yeast.

Is the moonshine still important?

By this point, you may just want to make a purchase and get distilling. We understand your eagerness, but we need to understand the importance of using the correct equipment. The process seems easy enough, but you should be prepared when it comes to shopping for one of the moonshine stills for sale.

With the rise in popularity, there are many different moonshine stills to choose from. Every product will be marketed as being the best, but the truth is, only so many of them are actually high quality. Finding the right moonshine still is essential to product moonshine that you can be proud of.

The role of fermentable sugar and yeast

Before finishing, we need to discuss the important role that fermentable sugar and yeast play in the potency of your moonshine.  

In short, using the correct yeast allows for both higher alcohol levels and a greater volume of moonshine. For example, basic yeast for bread making produces alcohol at roughly 10%, whereas professional distilling yeast can produce alcohol at roughly 20%.

Fermentable sugar gives yeast energy to consume. With the correct about of sugar, the yeast has enough to produce a greater amount of alcohol. Note how we said “correct amount”, not “large amount”. This is because there are cases where using too much fermented sugar to wasteful and provides no further benefits.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading through this moonshine still buyer’s guide. It was put together to act an all-encompassing resource for readers to find the best moonshine still making kits for their specific needs.

We also presented you with the hobby’s main talking points, with special attention paid to the important areas of distillation and fermentation. You can view other areas of this site to learn more about moonshine.

All home distiller kits in this review have been chosen after years of knowledge and weeks of product research. We don’t have an absolute favourite as the moonshine stills have their own personal strengths. You can’t go wrong with any of them. In fact, it is just a case of aligning each still to your specific needs and budget.

Please do let us know if you enjoyed this moonshine guide. Likewise, please feel free to share with guide with your friends and family. Oh, and happy drinking!